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Do you need the best 18 wheeler accident attorney for your case?

Hi, My name is John Riddle and I am a truck and car accident trial attorney.

In this article we are going to look at federal regulations specifically designed to prevent truck driver fatigue.


These regulations are known as hours of service regulations. They are designed to limit the amount of time a truck driver can spend driving or working.


The hours of service regulations prohibit a truck driver from driving more than  eleven cumulative hours following ten consecutive hours of duty.


Best 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

Best 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney


The regulations also prohibit a truck driver from working more than 14 hours in a row whether they are driving or not. 

To enforce the hours of service regulations, the government requires drivers and
trucking companies to keep logbooks and the documents that can be used to verify the accuracy of the logbooks. 


Best 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Logbooks

Best 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Logbooks


Truck drivers are required to keep the logbooks with them in their trucks while driving.

So, they can show them during a roadside inspection.


Once the log book has completed, the driver was submitted to the trucking company within 13 days.
The drivers trucking company is then required to keep these logbooks for a six-month time period.


The trucking company is also required to keep all supporting documents that relate to the logbooks, documents like dispatch records, fuel receipts, toll receipts, accident and cargo claim reports, traffic citations and onboard computer reports.

Logbooks and the supporting documents can be used by a truck accident attorney to prove violations of the hours of service regulations and to prove that driver fatigue caused an accident.


Best  18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Truck Accident

Best 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Truck Accident

They can also be used to prove the trucking company in court encouraged its drivers to violate the hours of service regulations.

Truck driver fatigue is a frequent cause of truck accidents. Truck driver fatigue should be suspected and investigated as a possible cause of the collision in every truck accident case. 

If you or someone you care about has been involved in an accident involving an 18-wheeler or big rig truck, please call my toll-free number.

We can talk about your case and I can answer any questions that you may have. And there will be no fee to you unless we win.

I also invite you to view our other educational car and truck accident articles on our website.

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