Car accident lawyer Long Beach

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If you were involved in a vehicle accident in Long Beachyou would probably want to know "How much is my case worth?". Now this topic comes up often, and there's no simple answer, right?

There's a lot of different factors that go into it. So, whenever you see a personal injury calculator on websites or attorneys that promise you the world after one minute of speaking with you. It really isn't true and please stay away from that.

Car accident lawyer long beach

What I'll tell you now - are different factors involved for giving you your case worth. It really boils down to two things - liability and damages.

There's hundreds of different factors involved within those categories, but let's just talk about that. 

Liability really is just who's at fault. In California, we have a law that says - if you are at all contributory negligent to the accident then you're recovery is reduced by whatever percentage you were negligent.

So what that basically means that if the other parties at fault and he owes you $100, if the jury find that your 50% at fault, guess what? You only get $50.

The other factor is damages. 

No one really knows truly how injured they are, until they start seeking medical attention, until they go to see a doctor, until several months later
they're told: "Hey, you're recovering fine." or "Hey, no, we're going to do an MRI.
We're going to see do you need surgery, do you need further treatment whether it be painmanagement, epidurals."

That can actually change the value of your case dramatically. There are many other factors involved in determining your case worth. That's why you need to contact a personal car accident Long Beach, an expert in this field. Someone like myself who has experience with thousands of cases and has recovered millions of dollars for his

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