Dangerous Distractions While Driving - Austin, Texas

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Hi, I'm attorney John Riddle, an attorney over at DIT POINT LAW here in Austin. Today I wanted to talk to you about four dangerous distractions while driving.

In 2016, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration stated that over 3,450 people died due to distracted driving. Distracted driving is becoming and is a real issue in the United States and here in Texas.

And so today I wanted to talk about what are some true issues and dangers that are happening right now when we drive. So the first one's going to be our smartphones or our cellphones. And so that is gonna be kind of all encompassing the use while we're driving.

It can be the use of your smartphone while we're looking at a map, we're checking social media, we're looking kind of scrolling through the internet while we're on our phones. So cell phones themselves can be a real issue while you're driving.

Next is gonna be the technology and the gadgets inside of your car itself. So as cars have moved from kind of the old school one where you would crank and roll the window up to now having buttons and levers for just about anything and everything you can have in it, it almost becomes like you're in an Apple store at times while you're inside your car. And you get sensory overload. And so the gadgets inside your car can also be a distraction.
If it's from turning on, finding the right button to hit the steering wheel warmer to typing in the address for the map actually that's in your vehicle, those can be distractions as well.

Another one is going to be the distractions that are actually outside of the vehicle. Would be storefront signage or road signs, other things like that.
But a lot of times what I notice and this is with myself and others that I've seen driving too is they'll be driving and they'll be like saying the name of the store that they pass by and the name of the store that they pass by there.

And it becomes almost like a game. But while you're playing that game, you're actually taking your eyes off the road itself. And so that can be a distraction too. Or if you see something outside such as an animal or an accident, everybody turns into looky Lous whenever there's an accident on the side of the road. So that can be an issue where you're taking your sight off of the road in front of you. And then lastly, one of the other big issues can be passengers in the car itself.

This can be an issue for any of us, but can be especially prevalent for teenagers that are driving. And one of those reasons is is we wanna be able to see the people that we're talking to. And so what we'll do is we'll look at the mirror in front us and so we can see behind us and by doing that, we're taking our eyes off the road and not paying full attention while we're driving.

So these are just some examples of dangerous distractions while driving. And they really need to be looked at. And so if you've been injured in an accident and have questions, feel free and give us a call or schedule a consultation with us. And hopefully this information provided some use to you and gave you some thought.

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