Motorcycle accident lawyer- Motorcycle Braking in a Turn

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How does turning affect traction? Turning affects traction or tire grip on the road the same way as braking does. But instead of forward and backwards traction, turning is using traction to the left or right. This is why we are taught to Brake before you turn.

Because if you do both at the same time, and exceed the maximum braking ability and then add turning traction you will likely exceed what the tire can handle, begin a skid, lose control and crash your bike. As any race car driver knows, if you're going around a corner, your tire has to work hard, up to 100% of the tires full traction limit.

After that once you cross the 100% maximum traction limit your tire is going to begin to slide. But when you are in a car and you begin to slide,
all you have to do is let off the brake and turn into the skid, and your tires will regain traction and you keep rolling along. When you are on your bike and you are braking close to 100% of the effective traction limit  and then you begin to turn the wheel, you are going to exceed the 100% of traction and your bike will start to slide.

Unfortunately, this usually results in a crash for a bike. The challenge with braking in a curve is that some of your traction is being used in turning the motorcycle. That part of your traction is unavailable for braking. Or if you are braking hard then there is no traction available to assist with the turn.
One option to brake and turn at the same time is to brake, but brake more gently than you could if the motorcycle were going straight, then you can turn the bike without exceeding the 100% traction threshold. By braking more gently while turning is the only safe way to slow the bike in a curve.
This is what you should do on a curving off-ramp with a stop sign at the end. Just use the brakes gently to come to a perfectly routine stop at the end of the ramp.

Before anyone attempts to turn in a hard braking situation, they should practice this skill over and over again. Practice makes perfect.
I strongly suggest you check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Classes, because they teach Decelerating in a Turn. Practice braking in a turn may save your life.

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