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My name is Alice Tomson, I am a real estate agent and I was hurt in an auto accident. I was injured and my injuries were to my knee, my shoulder and my back.
My treatment consistent of physical therapy, occupational therapy medication and end result was surgery.
It was a left knee arthroscopy with a medial tear repair. My overall experience with this law firm is everyone is very thorough, they are very professional,
they always made me feel comfortable. I feel like I would totally recommend them to anyone that would need assistance.
I was very happy with the results and the big check at the end.

Alice Tomson, 03.02.19

My name is Michael Adams. In June 2015 I was involved in an accident. The first thing that I thought about was contacting attorney Jacob Hill in DitPointLLC because I always see their advertisements on taxi cabs, TV, radio stations.
Throughout the process working with Ditpoint legal team, I felt well taken care of. In any case I had any questions about the accident I was able to email, text, or call. I would get a response time usually within less than three hours. They would also follow up, they would call me to see how I was doing, how the process,or if I had any questions at all.

When it came to the settlement process, they were always communicating with me what was the negotiations between the insurance and them so I really felt that the communication was good.

DitPoint LLC is truly for the people, they truly emphasize on always being there for
you which is something that when you are in an accident or any legal matter in where your
health is jeopardized or something, you absolutely want to focus on getting better.
And let DitPoint LLC handle the rest.

Michael Adams 07.12.15


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