3 Easy Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance

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3 Easy Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance

Hi, this is attorney John Riddle of DitPoint Law. Today's topic is car insurance. There are three ways you can lower you car insurance rates.

Bundle Your Insurance

One good way to lower your car insurance rate is to use what's called bundling. That's when you have different types of insurance but they all run through the same insurance company, and the insurance company will often give you a lower rate for the combined coverage than you would get if you had just one type of coverage with that insurance company.

For example, if you have your car insurance, your life insurance and you renters or homeowners insurance all with the same company, it's likely that the rate combined for those three policies together is less than it would be for three separate policies with three separate companies.

An annual basis

Another way to lower your car insurance premiums would be to pay it on an annual basis as opposed to paying it monthly.
Very often in insurance companies' rate they quote you will be for monthly payments, if you ask for a quarterly which would be every three months or an annual which would be once per year payment, very often the total amount will be less.

Drive a used vehicle

A third way to have lower insurance premiums for your vehicle is to drive a used vehicle. A vehicle that is one to two years old can have up
to a 10% lower insurance premium than a brand new vehicle and still be under warranty, so that you won't have to be concerned with incurring additional maintenance and repair cost because your car is older.

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